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Psychopompos, hub of analytical psychology, focuses on topics and themes embodied in the works and concepts presented by Carl Gustav Jung. Regularly, we organise discussion gatherings on movies and art installations, workshops, book readings, lectures and other events. We do our best to provide an atmosphere of openness to different interpretations that come across your mind during imagination and amplification process. It all depends on where your subconscious is willing to take you.

Open for browsing and/or borrowing is an extensive library of books about analytical psychology, general psychology, philosophy, mythology and other titles, books & journals. Some of the publications are in English and German as well. The library of the Psychopompos analytical psychology hub is a quintessential selection of knowledge. On top of this physical library, our hub maintains a collection of papers, journals and books in digital form, perfect for finding specific citations and search by keywords. Even in this digital day and age, tangible books have their value and the experience of reading is on a whole different level. For this reason, we do have sellect books by the publishing houses Emitos, Portál & Malvern for sale.

Martin Skála is the main person in our jungian space of Psychopompos. In his office, he provides sessions of individual analysis and supervisions. As a member of the expert council of the Czech Society for Analytical Psychology, he participates in trainning activities for future therapists.
Martin Skála also offers group sessions and group supervisions for colleagues, generally but not necessarily, working in the field of analytical psychology. Being a member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology as well, his activities  span outside of the borders of the Czech Republic. Analysis, supervision and workshop across borders.

Pondering about philosophy, mysticism, psychology and similar topics? Be sure to visit some of our events. The gatherings take place in our group space. The room is used for group analysis and supervisions, as well as all other types of meetings that are hosted at our hub of analytical psychology. Our aim is to widen the awareness about analytical psychology, the works of Carl Gustav Jung and to create and foster an environment of freedom for the soul. Many of our activities are ment for lay people, that would like to get more closely acquianted the concepts of analytical psychology and works by C. G. Jung. 

Organised workshops, lectures, discussions & other gatherings are intertwined by the topic of dreams and working with dreams in our everyday life. That may be one of the reasons why our workshop Working with dreams is a recurring event in our analytical psychology hub. Martin Skála’s topics of interest and consequently workshops etc. can be found here. Depending on the topic, the lecturing work takes different forms, may it be a weekend workshop or a shorter seminar or lecture during the week. The main techniques used are imagination, amplification and other processes and forms of working with dreams and thoughts. Last but not least, Martin Skála has taken special interest in alchemy, hermetism and works of similar design, that are not shunned by analytical psychology, but often heeded for their illustration of processes of transformation. The method that strings all the topics, themes and ideas of the workshops is called…

Symbolic Constellations are a method conceived by Martin Skála, in which you can get acquainted with concepts of analytical psychology and oter topics, that are usefull in conjunction with use of the method of Symbolic Constellations. Main foundation of work is the inner motivation for self exploration, empowerment, personal growth or to learn to use the method of Symbolic Constellations by itself. In the second case, the method can be an expansion course to a psychotherapy trainning or an addition to the work of an established private practice.